What Anime means to me

Hello everyone Happy New Years!!!! So I dont really do New Year resolutions but sometimes a little bit of motivation goes far, today’s blog is a little more personal. I want to take my blog to the next level, Ive noticed that the more consistent I am, the more love I receive. A lot of people ask me what do I get out of blogging if I don’t make any money from it? Well to be honest sharing and connecting with other people that share the same interest as me brings me a lot of joy and just because I don’t make anything out of it at the moment doesn’t mean its a waste of time. When you really love something and invest your time and care into it you’ll be surprised the opportunities you’ll come across. I started watching anime back in 2010 and at first it was kind of a cartoon type of thing but with time when I started finding series and films the really connected with me as a person and it became something I love. The difference between anime and a normal animation is that its not made to only target children, Ive notice its mainly things us adults can totally relate to, the characters are people we learn to love and relate to and the art is just so mind blowing and unique. If it wasn’t for anime I would of never learned about Japan and their amazing culture, the food, technology, history, managa, cosplay, etc (things I truly enjoy looking at and learning about)

If it wasn’t for my love for anime I would of never experienced Comic Con which is one of my favorite event of the year! (I attend every year religiously) My favorite thing aside from the snacks, is it being filled with people dressed in Cosplay and amazing artist everywhere that are so passionate about these shows and characters we grow to love so much.

I have so many photos yet couldnt dig up any good ones but these will do for now. Anyhow after starting my blog it made me appreciate everyone who love and enjoys anime, the amount of support and love that I receive on the daily just feels so good. I know that we all have expectations when it comes to sharing something you care so much about and I am honestly very proud that Im trying to do something that makes me happy. So Ya these are the little things that make me appreciate and love anime so much. Share with me what anime means to you! Until next time sayonara!!

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