The power of school uniforms

I was at home all day bored and asking myself what can I possibly do? I must say blog because although I love blogging I’m still a slacker! I was watching a few shows today then started to binge on Kill La Kill and wow what an awesome show! Once again Im probably late on a lot of things but little by little I’m breaking out of my 80s and 90s anime bubble and giving all shows a try!! To start this series has 24 episodes ( only reached episode 14) Although it might not be for everyone I truly like the concept of the show and the characters. In a way it did give me a “My hero Academia vibe” although the plot is not the same and it is a lot more mature it does share some similarities. While you will notice that on My hero Academia the characters have costumes they design to basically help they quirks on Kill La Kill its the basically the uniforms that gives them the strength and power that they have. I do have two main characters on this show one being Ryuko who is the main character, she’s very aggressive, determined and not afraid of any challenges which I truly love that about her. Then we have┬áSatsuki who is a total bitch and haves everyone do her dirty work but theres just something about her that I also like! I know I haven’t watched the full series but I will highly recommend it due to the cool characters, comedy, the story (theres some mystery to it) I will most likely edit this post once I’ve finished. For those who’s watched this ages ago bare with me and share something about the show that you like, if you didn’t like it also share why. Until next time!

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