Dororo 2019

Im back this week something new and refreshing, I do want to mention that the series I will be discussing today is still being aired, so my opinions on it isn’t permanent but it is very good and I think you guys should check it out. It has action, good fight scenes and an awesome storyline so lets begin!

Imagine being born into a terrible curse and having to defeat the demons that cursed you so that you can regain all your senses and to live as a normal human?…. This anime definitely caught me by surprise, at the moment theres only been 10 episodes thats been aired (series has a total of 24 episodes if you were wondering) Im super excited about this series 1) because its something new that I can follow along with 2) the story is amazing and not that many people that I know of have been talking about it. Although this is currently being aired this is a remake of the 1969 series, which is pretty awesome because you all know I prefer old school stuff. This series has it all, action (can have some gory scenes) it has mystery, we dont really know why certain things happened but as the story evolves everything just starts making sense. It has some humor which takes away which is great since theres a lot of messed up stuff going on. I definitely can see why I like this series so much, the characters so far are so well written, very likable; their stories are truly touching and have so much depth. The art looks original which if you’ve read any of my previous post then you will know I’m a sucker for good old anime. A few things I want to point out in the first episode I didn’t really know what was going on until the last 10 minutes thats when I kind of had an idea of how the series is going to evolve. I also wanted to point out that some of the episodes will go back in time a lot to kind of explain why things are taking place in present time (which a lot of series lack of that lately so I really like it)

Something that was pretty interesting is that so far the protagonist (Hyakkimaru) hasn’t spoke a single word, instead he walks around with a little girl Dororo who he saved and basically ended up letting her tag along in his journey. Dororo has no family and has basically been fighting to survive up until she runs into Hyakkimaru. The relationship between both characters is like of a brother and sister and very cute! I really have to say that it didn’t hit me until episode 8 that Ive never heard him speak a single word yet I still know everything about him. Like I previously mentioned the story is very well written and I am very impressed with how its all developing. So please check out the series (currently available on CrunchRoll), if you’re already in the process of watching along please share your opinion on this series! Thats all for now until next time, sayonara!

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