Love, Death & Robots.

I always hesitate when it comes to blogging because 1) I want to share things that actually capture peoples attention and can get a conversation going and 2) I like to strictly keep my anime only theme but its sometimes hard. Theres so many creative people out there that put so much love and dedication to their art that sometimes we need to acknowledge what amazing artist we have out there. This is something I won’t be doing very often however I was asked to check out this series on netfllix called Love, Death and Robots and boy was I impressed with this little show.

Imagine watching an animated version of Black Mirror ( thats the type of vibes that I got) I freaking loved it and was so glad to have given it a chance. This collection of animated short stories spans several genres, including science fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy. World-class animation creators bring captivating stories to life in the form of a unique and visceral viewing experience. The animated anthology series includes tales that explore alternate histories, life for robots in a post-apocalyptic city and a plot for world domination by super-intelligent yogurt. Among the show’s executive producers is Oscar-nominated director David Fincher. Now I will list below 3 of my favorite short stories and I hope this is good enough for you to give it a chance!

#1 The Witness

This short is one of the more impressive Love, Death & Robots episodes on a technical level. The 3D animation is somewhere between characterized and uncanny, giving the whole thing a heightened sense of realism, bolstered by seeing actual spit and breathing on the screen in parts. A woman goes on the run after witnessing a murder in an apartment across from her own. The murderer, who’s confused by his witness looking exactly like his victim, gives chase in search of answers. She leads him to an illicit sex shop where she procures a gun as he continues to give chase until they circle back to her apartment. She kills him, looking out to window to see an exact clone of him has now seen what she did, an endless stream of copies of the man and woman caught in a sort of loop – except they appear to routinely switch places every time. I love all the episodes in their own unique way but this one will definitely be my top favorite!

#2 Good Hunting

 A female astronaut is stuck floating in space when her suit is damaged by floating debris, forced to stare as the space station she needs to get back to lies just out of reach and help too far away for her to rely on. Eventually she has a brain-wave – make airtight seal around half her arm so she can detach part of the sleeve and throw it, propelling her towards solace. When the first throw doesn’t work, she’s then forced to be more drastic, shattering off her own forearm to have something else big enough to throw; the second try does the trick. Missing an arm, she checks back in with home base and begins her journey back to Earth, having seen both the beauty and horror the vacuum of space has to offer. Once again the art is just amazing, mind blowing. This was also a favorite!

#3 Zima Blue

Zima is actually a robot, first built by a young girl to clean her pool. His inventor/mother kept working on him, giving him greater levels of autonomy. He grew to become fully autonomous and eventually became obsessed with the color of the blue tiles he was originally made to upkeep, hence that color being the center-piece of his work. His last masterpiece is the reveal of his mechanical roots, choosing to revert back to his very first form as a simple cleaning tool in a swimming pool, much to the shock of his aristocratic audience. It might not be tomorrow or the day after, but someday, something we invented will start making the art for us, and we’ll still be no closer to any real answers. After watching this episode I felt a connection is such a deep level. I always think that were always trying to adjust ourselves to become better and although were always grateful there is days where we wish to go back to the simpler days. I guess I was somehow able to relate.

I almost forgot to mention Love, Death & Robots is an R-rated take on the Black Mirror formula, not holding back on the sex, nudity, or violence. But among all the depravity are some chillingly existential concepts, with subject matter ranging from the darkly fantastical to the outright dystopian, and back again. Some of these episodes were so good that you’d wish they were a bit longer. I freakin loved everything about it, none of the episodes are connected so you don’t have to watch them in a specific order. Im always looking for new things to watch so if you’d like to share some of your favorite series or films please comment down below! If you enjoyed the content on todays blog please subscribe for some more; Until next time Sayonara!

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