A Silent Voice

Last week I was intending on dropping some new stuff to celebrate my first year of blogging. I wanted to review some of the spring shows that Ive been watching and list some of the summer shows Im interested to watch. This blog I wanted to review something a little different not so action packed anime, this falls in the slice of life category. We all tend to watch shows for entertainment and sometimes we also enjoy watching things that we can relate to.

While he was in elementary school, Shoya Ishida in an effort to fit in with his fellow peers, teased and bullied a deaf girl in class named Shoko Nishimiya. However, this backfires on Shoya and he ends up being shunned by the other students, as Shoko ultimately ends up transferring elsewhere. Now in high school, Shoya has felt constant remorse for his actions and attempts make things right with both Shoko and the classmates who basically isolated him from everyone.

A Silent Voice is not only a well made anime film, but also an interesting commentary on the state of one’s mental health and well-being. This film will likely strike a chord with anybody suffering from depression and/or anxiety who wish they could find a way to fix their past mistakes. Also, despite its serious tone, director Naoko Yamada still manages to insert some humorous and quirky comic relief at appropriate times, much in the vein of what was seen in K-On!, her previous work. It is quite unexpected that an animation can be so deeply touching and contemplative. The emotions of Shoko and her main bully are well communicated.

The animation in this movie is absolutely gorgeous, the amount of detail in certain scenes are breathtaking!!! There’s a firework scene was just so beautiful, it definitely was the animation highlight in this film in my opinion.

I give this film a 10/10 the art is so beautiful, the characters are amazing, the story is deep and relatable. If you want something new and haven’t watched this drama, please give it a shot! Depression is my reality and while there is others who think that its just being sad and those affected by it, should suck it and cheer up its much more deeper than that. There was a part on this film when Shoya went to the theme park with a group of friends and felt the moment when he was genuinely content, the feeling was overwhelming that he quickly hesitated and asked himself if it was ok to feel happy. ( I seriously cried because its something I struggle with daily) Im very happy to have many supportive people around that dont judge my awkward behavior, they learned to accept me for who I am! And while I have moments when I feel like the world is falling on my shoulders; I also have many moments filled with joy and happiness. So seeing something you can relate to and how those characters act in those situations over all was just extremely relatable, made me feel good and happy to give this one a shot. Although I originally watched this one on kiss anime I also saw that netflix has it available as well. If you’ve seen this film what are your thoughts on it? Until next time sayonara!!!!

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  1. I enjoy your blog very much, your reviews and specially the beautiful presentation.
    I haven’t suceeded though in finding those recommended anime films you mention in my video services ( Vudu, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime). Shame. Because the wonderful Japanese animation you’ve highlighted is worth watching.
    I’m glad to read this one is on Netflix. Thanks for your reviews!


    1. Thank you I truly try my hardest to find stuff that doesn’t always get reviewed by others but is still worth watching . Which ones are you trying to watch I can help with some websites that do have them available.


      1. That’s the thing. I know there are websites around that provide them, but I don’t find them reliable. Besides, I would rather watch them on TV through my subscription services.


      2. The last two I posted were on Netflix, Dororo is available on crunchy roll and amazon prime and Mutafukaz is also on amazon prime. I will definitely make sure that next time I include the streaming services they’re available on. I truly appreciate the feed back ❤️


      3. Honestly I prefer older anime I personally think the storylines are much more solid and they don’t have so much filler like newer anime. I’m in love with the 1980s and early 90s animations. I will definitely check those two out! I’m also a huge studio ghibli fan! I never review them because to be honest everyone knows how good they are.


      4. You are right. Since you are almost an anime hunter see if you can find late 70’s early 80’s a TV series called Captain Future (dubbed in Spanish as Capitan Futuro) another one called Galactico. I thought they were great when I was a teenager, but now I have only found short clips on You Tube


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