Tatami Galaxy

Ive been wanting to cover this very short series for quite a while, Ive watched this around the time I posted “The night is short walk on girl” due the resemblance in art. Now this is a mini series, only has 11 episodes and because its so short, it is very fast pace. This series was made by MadHouse Studio, responsible for works such as Paprika, Perfect Blue and The girl who leapt through time (one of my favorites!!) This series is only available subbed , if you prefer dubbed series or don’t like reading fast then this series might not be for you but still give it a shot!

This is a dimension, time-bending tale that revolves around an unnamed protagonist “Watashi” He was obviously named this on purpose as to be a metaphor for everyone going through college life events- though they never really actually say his name, he is know as “Watsahi” and he is his own person. Watashi is at a cross road where he has to join an extra curriculum club for school. This kind of defines what his life will be like for the next two years. He meets people and always has fun at first but is always left down and mostly due to his own mistakes! Then the clock resets and he’s back to pick a different group to yield a different but similar result for the next two years before the clock resets again. Now thats not to say that that everytime he travels back he experiences completely different events that are too similar.

This is one of the greatest series I’ve ever seen. Minute for minute this was one of the most worthwhile watching experiences I’ve ever had, anime or not. The animation as absolutely beautiful, often including multiple mediums and styles, the main style being very stark drawings with very subdued subtle coloring and great animation, but also including highly stylized film-work on occasion, the occasional splash of 3d, another very vividly colored style, and a really odd sort of chalk-board looking style of cg for particular scenes. I guess I was afraid to review this mini series because its so hard to explain what the story is really about, almost like FLCL. Its one of those things where you just have to take my word and give it a shot! Its just so different from anything Ive watched, very refreshing.

To a common viewer, the anime might be found a bit weird in the first glance, firstly due to the quick narration of the protagonist character ‘Watashi’, and the unique and liberal art style. The story might seem to have a lot of repeating scenes in the initial episodes for the viewer, but then again the story basically follows the concept of parallel universes to support it. I can assure you the story builds up pretty intense and captivating in the later episodes. The ending is very justified to personal opinion, and worth the time of viewing the 11 episodes to the end. If you’re looking for something new and different the give this amazing series a shot (available on CrunchyRoll or if you’re like me Kissanime). If you’ve watched this series please let me know what you think about it. Until next time sayonara!

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