Please save my earth

Happy late New years to everyone who still have faith in my blog, I wanted to share an anime that was pretty awesome. I was on instagram when I came across a clip of this 6 episode series and I was drawn to he awesome the 90s anime aesthetics. Now on the first episode I thought this was going to be a simple slice of life kind of anime but by the end of the first episode I was completely wrong and interested!

Although I mainly wanted to watch this short series due to its beautiful 90s animation I still expected just a little more. Im going to start with the things I disliked about it so we can just get it out the way. I wish this series was longer, I feel like this story could of developed better in a slower setting. I felt unsatisfied watching the last episode and realizing that “this is it” the characters were awesome but I felt that if they’re all linked to each other and the story started with them all then it should of ended that way as well. There’s no threat outside of the self/ destructiveness of the main characters. And then for all they went through emotionally they ended up not doing anything (which is why I felt a little pissed off at the end). Lets discuss real quick what the series is about and although I will try my hardest to not spoil it if I give too much information then I apologize in advance.

So lets start with the main characters: Alice(mokuren); Rin (Shion); Issei (Enju); Dobashi (Hiragi). These aren’t all the characters but some of the most mentioned ones in the first 3 episodes. These characters all have one thing in common and thats reoccurring dreams of being their past selves, and form an online meet-up to discuss the dreams and speculate. Eventually, things get messy as the group begins to get their current and past lives mixed up. Some characters who were women in their past lives are now homosexual men, others harbor unrequited feelings for certain members that carry on into their current lives, and the cycle repeats itself. I put their past names in parenthesis because as the story begins to develop there was a lot of back and fourth and at points I became confused, I found it a lot easier to stick to the past names since thats where the story takes you any ways. A web of existential drama is woven. I won’t say anything to spoil who’s who (the first few episodes of the OVA have a Detective Conan style revelation on a couple of charactersーwho hide who they are, from their past life), but Rin Kobayashi (this is a spoiler-free review, so I wouldn’t reveal his ACTUAL identity) is the most powerful character in the OVA. The last episode is actually a heart-wrenching retelling of his childhood in his previous life. I was still left with these questions, why was it given the title “please save my earth”? Why did the story focused so much on Alice even though she only spoke of her “past or dream” once? What was the purpose of showing Shions childhood even though it had nothing to do with the future or them being on the moon? I can keep going but if you do choose to watch this series and catch something I don’t please share!

Now lets ask if this Ova is pretty much a mediocre series why watch it? First thing first I love anime from this era this was released in 1994 and if you’re a 90s anime freak like me you will enjoy this very much. This show made me cry, it’s sad enough to be believable, but not so sad that I can’t relate. The presentation was artful and it’s short enough to fit into an afternoon. I’d recommend this to almost any anime fan. I am at the point where Im not willing to commit to a long series unless I really love the story and art so it doesn’t hurt to add this one to your list of series for a rainy day. Ps not writing like I used to has made it difficult to write more in depth when explaining things and its something Im currently working on, so please bare with me and drop so cool 90s anime that you love. Until next time Sayonara!

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