Paranoia Agent

Hey guys I wanted to come through with a new blog right before the New year! So Im going to start by saying that I haven't been watching anime as much due to Disney plus launching, Ive been watching a lot of old Disney movies and of coarse the Mandalorian. However I had someone who... Continue Reading →

Welcome To The Space Show

Its Wednesday, Its Hump Day and I wanted to drop something new since Ive been Ghost for a week now. I decided to fly down to Florida for Supercon (which I will be putting on my blog once I have all the footage and stuff edited) so thats my excuse for being off for a... Continue Reading →


Happy Friday y'all!! Why not end the week with a kick ass anime film that I've been wanting to cover for a while but didn't really have the right words to express it( I also wanted to make up for the rushed and poorly executed blog that I posted yesterday). I first want to just... Continue Reading →


Ok so I just finished watching this mini series and I totally love it!! I never heard of it but one of my twitter followers told me to check it out and Im glad I watched it. If you want to watch something but don’t want to commit to 24+ episode definitely watch this series.... Continue Reading →

Call it overrated…

Happy Friday guys! So its 3am right now I wanted to drop something today for just the hell of it and after much thought I decided to talk about anime that are totally OVERRATED!! Now I just want to make something very clear, just because I consider something OVERRATED it doesn't mean that its not... Continue Reading →

Must see short films

Happy Humpday guys to celebrate mid week I wanted to drop something simple yet pleasing to the human eye. So far Ive covered some pretty interesting stuff this week I want to focus on what makes anime so exciting. You might want to know what that is don't you?? Well its the ART of coarse, we... Continue Reading →

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